UX Designer

Bring simplicity
into complex
software solutions

Designing tools for specific
users with complex tasks, that’s my drill. No ecommerce or design for all, but professional tools for professional users. Put them in the centre of the front end, while dealing with complex models, algorithms and technology
at the back end.

UX Consultant

It takes more than UX Design to embrace sustainable change

Improving UX is not only about the interface of your software, it is about a different approach, a new way of thinking. Through the years I have intensified my facilitation skills, making innovation and change happen throughout organisations.

UX Pioneer

Proven methods, maybe new to your business

I have been pioneering
UX Design projects in high performance and dedicated engineering environments for 10 years. I started before it was called UX, applying the User Centred Design Approach that has been around for over 45 years now ☺